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Monday, September 19, 2005

Soccer Mom...

...is not really what I am. I have a daughter who plays soccer and a son who used to play until his Premier Soccer experience ruined his appreciation for the game. I do not own, nor have I ever owned, a minivan. I think you're supposed to at least have that to be an official soccer mom. I do not have the kit (uniform) cleaned, fluffed and folded the same night it is spattered with mud and red Gatorade. We frequently throw the conflict jersey in the washer perilously close to game time and hope that it dries on the way to the pitch (field). Often we cannot locate a matching pair of socks. We keep losing water containers and usually have to stop at the corner gas station to buy water on our way to the game... That's when I usually realize my gas light is on. Soccer moms (I think) are better at planning ahead. I do well to remember when it's my turn to drive to practice. Does it start at 4:30 or 5:00?

Late afternoon is my worst time of day. That's when the exhaustion and fibrofog set in. I bribe myself into gear with the promise of a skinny latte at My Java. There I can slouch in a cool leather chair and try to think up what we're going to have for dinner and read O magazine while feeling guilty about not using the time to work out at the gym.

I do not own, nor have I ever owned, a crockpot. If I did, it would require some planning and organization, which would not be a bad thing. A lot of times we have to fly from soccer practice to basketball practice, or miss soccer altogether for a basketball game. Even if I had started a stew or something in the crockpot we wouldn't be there to eat it. The older one might be. But also he might be at his job sacking at the grocery store, or washing his car, or playing golf, or eating at Chipotle with his friends.

Today was a soccer and basketball day with the orthodontist thrown in as an extra little side trip. God smiled on me and soccer was cancelled due to thunder and lightening. They played 4 games over the weekend, so they probably needed a soccer break anyway. I know I did. Even I had mud on my legs when we got home from the tournament yesterday. And my ankles have been itching from bug bites all day. I skipped tonight's basketball game, turned the AC way down and took a hot bath.

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